DEMO Bach Stradivarius 190S43 Bb Trumpet

$ 4,399.00 USD $ 3,450.00 USD

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$ 3,450.00 USD

Demo model Bach Stradivarius 190S43 in our showroom. It has minor marks from being played in the store, but still new with full warranty. Silver plated, includes case and mouthpiece.

The 19043 is built on an ML .459" two-piece valve chassis with nickel balusters, nickel outer slides and brass valve guides. The 5" side-seam #43 bell with a round steel wire bell bead is paired with the never released original design of Vincent Bach, the #26 leadpipe. Bach’s notes state that the #26 leadpipe is a perfect match for the #43 bell. It provides the player with efficiency and responsiveness, both highlighting the inherent brilliance of the #43 bell while allowing the player access to extreme dynamic ranges and full palette of colors. The 5" bell diameter helps balance the brilliance of the #43 bell taper with breadth of sound.  Our artists find this instrument exceptional in every situation, from the Dave Matthews Band all the way to the brass quintet. The 190S43 is an excellent choice for anybody looking for a broad and brilliant sound that projects and plays with ease.