B-Stock St Petersburg Tubas - Inventory Reduction

$ 3,695.00 USD
Model Number-Serial Number

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$ 3,695.00 USD

This is our current list of B-Stock St Petersburg tubas. They have minor cosmetic imperfections that do not affect playability, and they are otherwise brand new tubas. Warranty still applies as does our standard trial period. Our TE-Rose model mouthpiece is included. Cases and bags are not included but are available separately. 

Please call us for more information or simply click on the model-serial # above to purchase one of these tubas! 

Flawed Key Serial Issue Price
203LD/450 BBb 8454 minor lacquer flaw  $3,695.00
203LD/450 BBb 8893 lacquer flaw  $3,695.00
209LD CC 7638 minor dent in bell flare; small lacquer flaw  $4,195.00
209LDG CC 9456 lacquer flaw on bell rim  $4,495.00
209S CC 9321 small blisters in plating around bell; small dent on 4th valve tubing  $4,750.00
210N CC 9157 finish flaw  $4,195.00
210N CC 9071 finish flaw  $4,195.00
206N EEb 5552 minor dents - can't be minimized as they're in areas hard to reach  $4,195.00