There are a number of channels on the Internet through which Owners of used musical instruments can market their instruments.

The problem is mostly that the provenance and the condition of the offered instruments are not well known or questionable.

This is where we provide a valuable service to both the Owners who offer their instruments and the prospective Buyers who are looking to buy a used instrument.

The Tuba Exchange backs the quality and the condition of the offered instruments with our expertise and reputation. We only take those instruments we believe are a good value and we can put our name and reputation behind them.

Kevin Smith is our expert in this field. His knowledge and experience guarantee that both Seller and Buyer can rest assured of a fair and equitable experience!

Our website is visited regularly by people from all over the world looking for high quality new and used instruments. For sellers, we will handle all promotions, customer interactions, shipping and payment collection. This makes your selling experience much easier than selling the instrument yourself. For buyers, we accept a wide variety of payment options: cash, check, Paypal, credit card, school purchase order and school electronic procurement methods. We also offer financing for qualified purchasers.

The trade-in program is mainly geared to older instruments in good condition. The trade-in is part of a double transaction where the customer buys a new instrument and presents his older instrument for trade-in.

In cases in which the Customer is not purchasing a new instrument, we often propose a consignment agreement, whereupon we take in the consignment instrument for re-sale through our channels.