USED Wessex TB162 Mini Jazz BBb Tuba

$ 1,995.00 USD

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$ 1,995.00 USD

Used Wessex TB162 mini jazz tuba in good condition. Has a few minor dings, scratches, and it also has a small patch where there was a very small crack in onr of the tubes. Has no affect on playability. Fun little tuba! Includes case and mouthpiece.


  • Bell: 285mm (11 ¼ ")
  • Bore: 15mm (0.59″)
  • Height of tuba: 69cm (27")
  • Weight of tuba: 5.8kg (12.8 lb)
  • Weight in case: 12.25kg (27lb)

Special Features

  1. Forward facing bell for big tone from small tuba
  2. Ducks leg on bell to help hold tuba
  3. Catch to lock main tuning slide in position (won't get pushed in accidentally)
  4. Solid Nickel valve levers
  5. Wyvern engrave valve caps
  6. Supplied with case and mouthpiece