USED Yamaha YHR881 Double Descant Horn

$ 5,995.00 USD $ 5,595.00 USD

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$ 5,595.00 USD

Used Yamaha YHR-881 Double Descant Horn, used, in excellent condition. The phosphor bronze rotors all read from .5 to .7 on the compression test. The bell is not detachable. New, this horn was un-lacquered. The previous owner had it lacquered, and the lacquer job is top notch. There are a few very slight dings in the bell.

Yamaha says of this horn “The tonal clarity and flexibility of the YHR-881 makes it ideal for baroque music, chamber music, and orchestral music because it overcomes the low-range difficulties typical of descant horns by additionally serving as a single Bb horn.”