DEMO John Packer JP236 Rath Eb Alto Trombone

$ 1,224.00 USD $ 925.00 USD

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$ 925.00 USD

Demo JP236 Rath Eb alto trombone. Great deal at this price. It's been in the showroom and a trade show, so it does have scuff marks and a minor ding  or two from being handled and played.

The JP236 alto trombone serves as an excellent entry point for orchestral musicians venturing into the realm of alto trombone playing. While some may consider it an ideal starter model to familiarize players with all 7 trombone slide positions, it's recommended to consult with a teacher before selecting this trombone as a beginner instrument, given its key of Eb.

Following the legacy of previous JP Rath instruments, the JP236 Rath Eb Alto Trombone continues to push the boundaries of student-friendly instruments. Its design reflects a commitment to providing aspiring musicians with a quality instrument that facilitates skill development and exploration within the orchestral setting.