DEMO John Packer JP279C 3/4 CC Tuba

$ 4,930.00 USD $ 3,295.00 USD

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$ 3,295.00 USD

Demo JP279C. Great deal at this price. It's been in the showroom and a trade show, so it does have scuff marks and a minor ding or two from being handled and played.

The JP279C is an ideal soloist's instrument, characterized by its quick response and precise intonation. Functioning as an excellent bass tuba, it complements contra-bass instruments effectively.

Well-suited for diverse musical settings, including bands, smaller ensembles, and lighter orchestral work, this model is equipped with a graduated bore through the valve set. This feature enhances its versatility, making the JP279C a well-rounded choice for musicians seeking a reliable and adaptable tuba for various musical genres and ensemble configurations.

Key: CC | Size: 3/4
Bore: 0.689"-0.728" | Valves: 4 Front Pistons
Bell: 14.375"  | Height: 32.75"
Finish: Lacquer | Weight: 18 lbs.
Leadpipe: Rose Brass | Case: Included

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