B&S 795 International Series 4/4 CC Tuba - Lacquer IN STOCK!

$ 7,751.00 USD

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$ 7,751.00 USD

Brand new model from B&S! The B&S 795 International Series 4/4 CC Tuba design concept came from B&S artist Dan Perantoni (Mr. P.) with the idea of offering an excellent CC tuba with lots of power that is easy to play, very rewarding, and economical for players. Taking blueprints from a York-style inspired design, B&S engineers were able to create something quite unique. A collaboration between our master craftsmen on the research and development team in our German workshops and the brass craftsmen in our company-owned production facility in Beijing, China has made projects such as this and other exciting developments possible.

Bore: 0.748" (1-3) / 0.787” (4) / 0.846” (5)

Bell: 19"