Posted by Luc Kerkhof

When was the last time you moved (either to another residence, another job or another building)?

A sales rep from a moving company told me once that moving was right up there with the other two major traumatic events (death and divorce).

But we didn't listen and decided it was time for us to leave the old yellow house for what it was and find our dream location!

We needed more storage space that would allow us to have everything under one roof, and preferably on the same level!

I was most surprised to find out that there was so little commerical real estate available that met our criteria. We needed ample space for big trucks to come and deliver, we needed enough warehouse space, we wanted a decent office and a nice showroom, etc.

We almost hit paydirt when we made an offer on a building in Raleigh, but alas, the site was so contaminated by the leaking tank of a nearby gas station that it was an environmental hazard!

So again we started looking. We finally found our new location, and as with many things in life, it was not "love at first sight". Sure it has plenty of space, it has a nice showroom and plenty of office space, but we need more warehouse space.

So we compromised, we bought it and decided we will add a new warehouse in the back.

That is scheduled to be our 2016 project (a man always has to have a project on hand or in his mind)!

We moved in on December 15th. It took us a number of weeks to find our bearings, but by now it has already started to grow on us. We have plenty of plans and ideas to make it our very own place, but you will have to watch us how we do it. I plan to put up regular posts on our progress.

For all of you who who are interested in our new environment, please come and see us!

We are here five days a week from 9-5, and our new address is
DURHAM, NC 27713