USED Yamaha YBB-201 BBb 4/4 Tuba

Used Yamaha YBB-201, 3 top piston BBb lacquered finish with case. This horn is in good condition, with small dings and scratches in several areas of the horn, but plays well! A hard case is included, 17.5" BELL, .728" BORE

$ 2,195.00 USD

USED Yamaha YEP-201 Euphonium

Used Yamaha YEP-201 Euphonium. This instrument is in excellent condition with only a few minor dings and scratches. Price includes hard case and mouthpiece. A great horn at a great price!   Bore: 0.571" Bell: 11"

$ 1,250.00 USD $ 1,150.00 USD

Yamaha YSH-411WC BBb Sousaphone

Yamaha YSH-411 Sousaphone; key of BB; 3 front action pistons; .728" bore; 26" bell; SHC-43 case with wheels; 67C4 mouthpiece

from $ 7,523.99 USD

Used Yamaha YBB-321 BBb Tuba

Used Yamaha YBB-321 4/4, 4 piston BBb tuba in good condition. There are minor dents, some scratches and evidence of previous dent work, but nothing major and it plays nice. The price includes a case and mouthpiece.

$ 1,995.00 USD

Yamaha YBH-301MS Bb Marching Baritone

The Yamaha YBH-301MS is a 3 piston valve silver plated baritone. It is lightweight and easy to play, with excellent intonation. The price includes a YAC-SL45C2-12C mouthpiece and hard shell case. (Lacquer finish also available)

$ 2,504.99 USD

Yamaha YEP-201 Euphonium

Yamaha YEP-201 is an excellent option for younger players, available in lacquer or silver plate. It has 3 upright pistons, is lighter weight than more advanced models, but still has a full sound and easy response. Price includes #48 mouthpiece and hard shell case.

from $ 1,939.99 USD

Yamaha YEP-321 Euphonium

The Yamaha YEP-321 is a four piston non-compensating, intermediate level euphonium. It is available in lacquer or silver plate. The price includes a 48M mouthpiece and hard shell case.

from $ 2,388.99 USD

Yamaha YEP-642 II Neo Euphonium

Yamaha YEP-642 II  Professional Neo Euphonium; key of B/F; compensating system; 3 top action and 4th side action monel alloy pistons; .591"-.661" bore; 11.8" upright two-piecebell; large shank mouthpiece receiver; EPC-62 case; L51 mouthpiece

from $ 6,183.99 USD

USED Yamaha YCB-621S 3/4 CC Tuba

Used Yamaha YCB-621S 3/4 size CC Tuba with case. This small CC Tuba is designed with soloists and doublers in mind. It has quick, sure response and accurate intonation. It is in very good mechanical condition. There have been dents removed, and it has some dings and scratches from use....

$ 5,995.00 USD

Yamaha YBB-105WC BBb 3/4 Tuba

The Yamaha YBB-105 is a 3 upright piston 3/4 BBb Tuba. The small size makes it easy for younger players to handle, and it has a big full sound and easy response. The price includes a #67 mouthpiece and a hard shell case. Key: BBb | Size: 3/4 Bore: 0.661"...

$ 3,687.99 USD