USED Miraphone M9000 BBb 5/4 Tuba

Used Miraphone M9000 "Ambassador" BBb Tuba in silver plate finish. 4 piston compensating system. Price includes mouthpiece. Excellent condition - a few (very minor) dings and scratches.

$ 8,175.00 USD

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Miraphone 186-4U BBb 4/4 Tuba

MIRAPHONE 186-4U ROTARY VALVE BBb TUBA, LACQUER FINISH. NICKEL SILVER WREATH, MOUTHPIPE AND OUTER SLIDE TRIM. CASE NOT INCLUDED. Key: BBb | Size: 4/4 Bore: 0.772" (19.6mm) | Valves: 4 Rotary Bell: 17.75" (450mm)  | Height: 40" (101.6cm) Finish: Lacquer | Weight: 21 lbs. (9.5kg) Leadpipe: Nickel Silver | Case:...

$ 8,225.00 USD

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Miraphone 1292 CC 5/4 Tuba

The Miraphone piston valve CC tuba 1292 was designed by Miraphone with the cooperation of Alan Baer, Principal Tuba for the New York Philharmonic. The Miraphone 1292 produces a focused, clear and extremely well in tune sound, which is ideal for all types of playing, from large ensemble to solo....

$ 11,550.00 USD

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Miraphone 1291 BBb 5/4 Tuba

The Miraphone 4 piston valve BBb tuba 1291 is available in lacquer or silver plate. Key: BBb | Size: 5/4 Bore: 0.835" (21.2mm) | Valves: 4 Piston Bell: 18.5" (470mm)  | Height: 37" (94cm) Finish: Lacquer | Weight: 21" (9.5kg) Leadpipe: Nickel Silver | Case: Sold Separately

from $ 10,099.00 USD

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USED Miraphone 183-4 4/4 EEb Tuba

This is a really nice used Miraphone 183-4 EEb tuba in great condition. Just a few minor dents and scratches here and there, and a couple small areas of lacquer wear. Plays great! 4 rotary valves, lacquer finish, and includes case. Bore: 0.705" Bell: 15"

$ 4,995.00 USD

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USED Miraphone 184-5U 3/4 CC Tuba

Older used Miraphone 184; 5 rotary valve CC tuba in pretty good condition. It does have a few areas of lacquer wear and the normal dings, scratches and minor dents over time. Otherwise, plays well and includes gig bag. Horn was made in 1969. 0.709" Bore, 14.25" Bell

$ 3,495.00 USD

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DEMO Miraphone 188-5U 4/4 CC Tuba

MIRAPHONE 188-5U. 5 Rotary valve CC tuba in lacquer. It has the nickel silver bell wreath as well as nickel silver leadpipe and outer slides. It does have a couple of small dings on the bottom bow, but it is a brand new horn with full warranty. Key: CC |...

$ 9,750.00 USD $ 9,550.00 USD

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Miraphone 1293 CC 5/4 Tuba

Similar to 1291 and 1292, but with a larger bell flare, oversized fifth rotor, and 2 removable leadpipes. This is the culmination of several years of building these 5/4 tubas and feedback from players has resulted in an amazing instrument. It has a broader tone and a powerful, open low...

$ 11,850.00 USD

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Grundorf 4/4 Tuba Case

Grundorf Heavy Duty 4/4 Tuba Case. Wedge shaped case. Heavy duty wheels allows for comfortable, balanced transport. Has a velcro strap to hold the tuba in place, and it also has a small compartment on the inside for mouthpiece, valve oil, etc. The 186 will fit the Miraphone 186-4U or...

from $ 575.00 USD

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SKB-390W Large Tuba Case

SKB Large ABS Plastic Tuba Case. In-line wheels, plush lining, TSA locks, for large framed tubas including St. Pete and Miraphone. Inside dimensions are Length - 40.5", Width - 19", Depth - 21". CALL us to get the LOWEST price on this case!! 

$ 594.99 USD

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