DEMO Tuba Exchange TE-435 Travel Tuba

$ 2,995.00 USD $ 2,595.00 USD

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$ 2,595.00 USD

The Tuba Exchange TE-435 Travel Tuba is a very small and compact tuba perfect as a practice tuba or tuba you can take with you when traveling that won't cause as much hassle as bringing your regular full-size tuba. This travel tuba has a much larger bell and bore than other travel tubas, making its sound much more open and resonant and similar to your normal horn. Includes gig bag. This is a demo model in our showroom.

Key: BBb | Size: Travel
Bore: 0.748-0.787" (19-20mm) | Valves: 4 Rotary
Bell: 12.2" (310mm)  | Height: 32.2" (590mm)
Finish: Lacquer or Silver | Weight: 11 lbs. (5kg)
Leadpipe: Yellow Brass | Case: Gig Bag