Posted by Luc Kerkhof

After we had test run our Website for a couple of weeks by the whole staff, we still found some bugs !


On of the first bugs was that the shipping calculator did not work for a whole series of Western States ! (these States were not in the list for the computer to search !, problem fixed !

A week later, someone orders a Mike Finn mouthpiece and the software did not add shipping cost !( there was only one item that had been overlooked, and it was precisely that specific mouthpiece ! (Added bonus for the customer who ordered it, he got free shipping !

And about three days later, A North Carolina Band director was checking our Website , looked for a price for 4 expensive instruments, but this item was not tagged for sales tax in our State. (if he had ordered them before we found the bug, he would have had an automatic 6.75 % on his purchase !) Too late now, we fixed it!

And so, we are  wondering how many bugs are still in our Website, I haven't decided yet if we need an exterminator of if we can do it ourselves !!!

Have a great weekend !