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  1. Used Boosey and Hawkes Regent ll E flat Tuba

    Used Boosey & Hawkes Regent ll, 677 series, 3/4 E flat Tuba Learn More
  2. JP232 Bass Trombone

    The JP232 is John Packer's double in-line (independent) rotor bass trombone

    Learn More
  3. Used Elkhart BBb Brass Sousaphone

    Used Elkhart Brass Lacquer BBb Sousaphone Learn More
  4. JP233 Rath Bb/F Single Rotor Bass Trombone

    The JP233 RATH is John Packer's Bb/F Single Valve Bass Trombone

    Learn More
  5. Used Taylor BBb Sousaphone

    Used Taylor BBb Sousaphone, silver plated with case. Learn More
  6. USED Yamaha YBB-201 BBb tuba

    Used Yamaha YBB-201 BBb tuba with case. Learn More
  7. USED Tuba Exchange SOUSAPHONE Model 722S

    TE-722S, 3 piston BBb Sousaphone, 26" bell, silver plate. Learn More
  8. JP Rath 261 French Horn

    JP261L, full double, geyer wrap french horn Learn More
  9. DEMO Tuba Exchange Model 1914L BBb 5/4 w/gig bag

    TE-1914L, 5/4, 4 rotary BBb tuba, 18" bell, lacquer. Big Sound ! Learn More

    Regular Price: $3,295.00

    Special Price: $2,895.00

  10. Used King-2341

    Used King 2341 BBb Tuba, manufactured in 1985 Learn More
  11. Used Cerveny CBB-686L BBb Tuba

    Used Cerveny CBB-686 4/4 four rotor BBb Tuba, lacquer finish Learn More
  12. USED Cerveny CBB-686LW BBb Tuba

    Used Cerveny BBb CBB-686LW 4 rotary valve BBb tuba with case. Learn More
  13. Used Kanstul Model 200S Marching BBb Tubas

    Used Kanstul Model 200S Marching BBb Tubas with hard case.  Only 2 left!

    Learn More
  14. USED Meinl Weston 551SW Bb Euphonium

    Used Meinl Weston 551S Euphonium with case. Learn More
  15. Used Yamaha YBB-641 BBb Tuba

    Used Yamaha YBB-641 BBb 4 Rotor Tuba with case. Learn More
  16. USED Miraphone TE-186AL

    Used Miraphone Model TE-186A 4/4, 4 Rotary BBb Tuba .Includes gig bag. Learn More
  17. Used Yamaha YFB-621 F Tuba-Silver Plate

    Used Yamaha YFB-621S 3/4 professional piston F tuba

    Learn More
  18. Used Meinl Weston Model 751S Euphonium

    Used Meinl Weston 751S Phoenix Series Euphonium in silver plate finish with hard shell case. Learn More
  19. Used B & S PT-15 FF Tuba

    Used B & S PT-15, five rotor, graduated bore FF Tuba, in lacquer finish (photos on Monday!) Learn More
  20. G&P Cimbasso

    G & P Cimbasso, 4 piston +1 Rotary 1 available! Learn More

30 Item(s)

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